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About SitDropStay Dog Behaviour Training

Read about George’s journey, why he created SitDropStay and most importantly, why we’re Different.

Sitdropstay was created in 2005 by Director and Head Trainer, George Lygidakis.  George established the business in response to an urgent need to improve the quality of dog training.  He also wanted to broaden the knowledge of dog behaviour that is available to the Australian public.

Alarmed at the epidemic of badly behaved dogs and the poor advice given by many trainers, behaviourists and vets, George has created a system that is simple, holistic and natural. His methods deliver amazing results for all dogs, regardless of age or breed.  These results are consistently effective. We believe this quality and depth of knowledge has never been available to the Australian public before.

Not Your Average Dog Trainers!

George has been a Dog Trainer for over 25 years.  A former Australian Protective Service (Federal Police) Police dog handler and trainer, he has since turned his attention to dog psychology and dog behaviour, embarking on an extensive study of all dog training methods available today. He has studied the world’s most successful dog trainers, animal trainers, psychologists, dog whisperers and behaviourists.  Additionally he studied  human psychology and interspecies communication to discover the keys to successful dog training and behaviour modification. This research has been synergised into the groundwork and philosophy of the SitDropStay training system.

We have entered a new and exciting era of dog training!  We no longer need to simply teach dogs obedience exercises and tricks.  Now we can truly understand their minds and needs.  It’s time to communicate and interact with them in a way they understand.  While food, balls, toys, clickers, chokers, halties, prong and electric collars are all being used successfully around the world to focus on dog obedience and training, they do not calm or stabilize a dog’s mind.  Too many dogs are highly “trained” but are still anxious, hyperactive, aggressive, dominant, unstable or shut down. It was time we asked WHY!  There is a great need to find balance.

We Build relationships!

George’s journey led him to realize that it is our relationships with our dogs that are the foundation of achieving willing co-operation.  he also realised the importance of  connecting with their hearts and minds.  The way we communicate and behave and our own belief systems and emotional energy, predominantly determine our success in creating consistently happy, calm and co-operative dogs. Being centred and in touch with our own inner power gives us the ability to influence our dogs at a deeper and more profound level than simply teaching a dog’s mind ‘tricks’.

It is this understanding, coupled with the latest and most advanced dog training methods, that is the focus of SitDropStay’s unique training system, and the reason we are achieving the results we are.

SitDropStay approaches and selects only the most suitable and qualified people in each city to represent them.   All trainers are personally trained and coached by George.  We currently offer services in Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Northern Rivers N.S.W., Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Cairns.

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To find out more, or to speak to a trainer about how we can help you, please call 1300 306 887 or email us at admin@sitdropstay.com.au.

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