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Sitdropstay Dog Training Cairns offers premium home dog behaviour, obedience and training throughout Cairns and surrounding areas.

We believe Sitdropstay Dog Training Cairns offers the most advanced and effective dog training and dog behaviour rehabilitation available in Cairns today, and, as a mobile service we can ensure that problems are addressed at their source. We have revolutionised the art of dog behaviour and dog training into a natural, simple and easy to understand philosophy that dramatically improves both results and training time.

Sitdropstay was created with a mission to take dog training and behaviour beyond the disempowering overuse of treats, excessive force or medication, and their associated problems, to a more respectful, effective and natural approach which understands and utilizes the interconnection of mind, energy and spirit between all of life.

Most modern approaches, while not short of theories, have limited effectiveness as they do not understand or recognize our emotional energy and inner power, and its effect on our dog’s behaviour and mind. Nor do they understand why dogs respect and willingly co-operate with some people and not others, or the importance of leadership and boundaries for the well-being of a dog’s mind. This limits them to relying on treats and clickers, (or even medication) to modify or create behaviour, usually focusing on symptoms rather than the root cause.

It is sad and frustrating we are seeing so many unstable and badly behaved dogs. So often clients have wasted a lot of money and, more importantly, time and energy, persevering with questionable or ineffective dog training approaches, and even more disturbingly medication, when one or two consults with us has rectified the problem.

Our Dog Whispering or natural dog training “empowers you” to have influence over your dog at all times using a humane and respectful approach.

Your SitDropStay Dog Training Cairns dog specialist is Emma Tucker. Emma has many years of experience in training both dogs and horses and would love to come to you and help you achieve a happy, calm and balanced pack. She believes that understanding your relationship with your dog and how your own behaviour influences and changes them is the most effective approach to creating a stable, happy and co-operative dog.

Please have a look at the sitdropstay website for further information or call us on 1300 306 887 or 0402 094 120 or send your details through the contact page and we will contact you.


Hi there Emma, I’m delighted to report that Ebony & I are getting along famously!  Ebony is calm, relaxed and going through her paces like an absolute trooper.  She is loving all the different instructions and showing me what a fabulous follower she is as I step up my canine leadership skills.  My neighbor came over for a visit just after you left & could hardly believe the change in Ebony’s behaviour.   Thank you so much for your highly professional and compassionate approach.  JILL KNELL CAIRNS -  SDS Dog Training Cairns

I had Emma come out to help me with my terrier x on Friday. She was really fantastic. I walked the dog after the session and she responded extremely well. It’s been 2 days since I met Emma and I see a lot of changes in Ruby. Excellent knowledge and understanding of canine drive and behaviour. Thank you very much Emma., KRISZTINA CAIRNS – SDS Dog training Cairns

SitDropStay Dog Training Cairns offers services throughout the Cairns area, including Port Douglas, Kuranda, Tablelands and Innisfail

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